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Are you ready to start your career in the right profession?
Well, there are many different profiles in which you can build a great career that gives you immense opportunities and exposure. Among the top career building, one that catches the eye of everyone in the profession of- UI designers.
But, is it the right career choice? Are UI designers in demand in the market?
Well, this you will get to know in this article.

So, if you are considering a career in UI design. You must be aware of the user-interface designer does and what are the skills that are required to become one.
Before, you step your career in mobile apps UI design , it is a must to know what the industry demands from them. In this article, we focus on the role of UI designer and its importance to the industry.

We’ll also look at the current trends in the market for UI designers and the basic salary criteria.

Why do we need the user interface (UI) designers?

As per the stats of 2019, there were over 1.94 billion websites in existence. More than 4 million apps are available in the play store and apple app store.
Well, looking on the bright side, who is accountable for scheming or designing the visuals and interactive elements for all the available websites and apps.
Well, there are people that manage to keep these apps and websites look great, accessible, inclusive and intuitive.

These people are called UI designers.

And we need UI designers to make the web and almost 90% of the technology user-friendly and interactive for everyone.

Good UI plays an important role in good UX

Creating screens, and all the touchpoints that a user interacts with their digital devices is not an easy task. UI designers take care of color and typography to every tiny detail of buttons, scrollbars and more.
Making visuals good is not the only task, UI designer think about how the human mind works. Blending with user experience designers, UI designers tend to ensure an excellent experience for the user.

UI designers assure the technology to be accessible and incorporation of the user.UI designers just only pick colors and add their favorite fonts; they check out each design and the impact of it on different users for instance, color blindness. UI designers focus on different color combinations to create contrast and increase user readability.
UI designers consider the size and scalability of various elements. They also focus on an element’s enlarging and magnifying capability keeping in mind the user’s agility with different phones.

UI design- a tool for business success

Design-driven organizations surpass their competitors, and we all are aware of the designers making their way into board meetings and more.
A good design can define the success of a particular product at an early stage. Consumers enjoy and expect a well-designed product, and so business boardrooms requires good UI designers.

Is UI design the right career path?

Well, the world definitely needs mobile app interface design and UI designers. It all depends on the personal interests of a person. If you feel the vibes for it and carry an interest in this profession, then the industry has a lot to offer to you.
If you feel passionate about the trends and the work process of a UI designer, then you would really want to step into it.

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What to expect from the industry?
(i) An inventive career: Put the creativity to good use and become an expert in visual design. Dive deep into the world of colors, typography, iconography and more. Harness the art of interaction design and become what you always want to.
(ii) Make an impact:We all know that UI designers are the base of every website, apps or software. You will help your organization to be on the competitive edge and be responsible for defining the product and brand of your organization.
(iii) Flexibility and versatility:If you are a good UI designer that has the right skills then you can apply in any sector that you are passionate about. UI designers might work as a freelancer, remote or in-house basis for different kind of organizations.
(iv) Loads of collaboration: You are not the only one! There are other designers also that you will be collaborating with, for instance, UX designers, content writers, developers, and owners and more.
(v) Chance to diversify: With the emerging technology trends in the market, industry offers you plenty of opportunities to diversify in different vectors and get involved in it.

Are UI designers in demand?

If you look forward to a career in UI designing, you must be excited to know about job security.
Don’t get worried! As per the stats of 2019, UI designer ranks third in the most IN-demand digital creative talent.
Glassdoor, LinkedIn brings up many jobs per day. There are around more than 3500 openings on Naukri.com (in India).
It is one of the most creative job profiles that will always stand a unique place in the industry.

How much will a UI designer earn?

As per the stats told us by Glassdoor, the national average salary for a UI designer is $75,450 per annum in the United States.
There are plenty of perks besides money in UI designing. It is a secure career choice.
The demand for mobile app UI designers will depend on the location and your skillset. You would want to check out the different jobs for user interface designers in your city/country. Check out the average PayScale that an organization offers.
Keep in mind your skillset and experience level.
For ease of comparison, we have listed the average number of salaries for major countries:

CountrySpecific CurrencyAmount in USD
Australia83,348 AUD($57,180)
IndiaRs 1,108,000($15,567)


Anshul Sharma, CEO of fluper- an android game development company, has taken his company forth. He carries zeal to learn from wherever the scope is. He knows the worth of UX design for mobile apps and the need of it in the industry. He regularly contributes his knowledge on leading platforms.


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