News Portal Development

Samaritan InfoTech offers news channel website design and online newspaper website solutions for newspaper, media, news channel industry, and even for individual freelance journalists. Our potency lies in our complete experience in the IT business with adjacent variation, innovative ideas, perfect timing, consistency and ready to help perspective.


Key Features Of News Portal

We adore designing; we are highly fervent and motivate about new designing, as well as own a strong awareness of the customary aspects of design such as structure and font. We believe in ease, manner and honesty! We don’t just like to make websites look attractive. We believe that designing is all about reason.


Black on White

Traditional printed newspaper is white or gray and the text is black. This color combo is perfect for our eyes. The contrast of colors facilitates the readability and that is why this color scheme is the most suitable for newspaper style websites, which are usually stuffed with much content. You can step aside from this classic color mix, but you should always keep in mind that contrast is a must.


Minimal Graphics

The website with newspaper layout is clean, informative, structural and has graphic elements designed accurately and in the minimalist way. Graphic elements are:lines, shapes, colors, typography & textures.The textures are rarely used on newspaper web designs, because a wall of text with images on a wood or grunge texture will distract your visitors and aggravate the readability of the content.


Headlines and Excerpts

Do you want to open each post and read it when you enter a website or blog with many texts? Headlines help us to differentiate interesting article from the secondary one. So, each content block needs to be entitled. Whether it is a small section on a grid or a full-height column, it should have a headline. The headline is to be of a bigger font, typed in bold or highlighted with a different color. This point is clear, I suggest.


Space for Advertisement

How are you going to make money before your website become popular? Advertisement is how many website owners make rather big profits. Ad banners have to be placed not just somewhere but this position has to be defined exactly. The right places are sidebar, both left and right, Header or Footer. Promotion banners are often seen right in the middle of the text articles, but this point is controversial.


Functional Sidebar

Sidebar can feature not advertisements only, but content categories, recent content, search box, email newsletter bar, navigation, social sharing buttons, discounts/special offers, etc. Newspaper website layout is great to implement sidebar on, because it would be just another column in the row as per size, colors, fonts, placement. A sidebar should be smaller or equal to the regular column on your layout, no way bigger.


Social Sharing Encouraged

Blogs and news sites are the most common to use newspaper style, and these websites can’t exist without social media integration. It’s the epoch of mass sharing, and social networks are where people spend much of their time. You should use cool follow and share buttons for each network: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. create these buttons the most visible on the website to ensure a better visual.

Specialized Features Of News Pages Portals

Our portal solutions come with full range of extensive features that are required by any portal system. Our ready to use portal features can reduce your cost and time to market by at least 100%. This can better ensure the success of your portal project that can be of any industries and requirements.

Responsive News Portal Design

News portal developers must note this very distinctive feature; responsive design. A responsive news website design makes your portal look nice on the screen of any device from laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. It enables the readers to access your content and view it the way they love to do.

Frequent News Updates

Frequent content update is essential for the existence of your news portal. Without frequent updates your website will not attract the audience. Frequent content effects your results in search engines as well. If more people visit a website regularly then more likely Google like it.

Advertisement Spaces

In news portal development, monetary features are as important as content and service features. Integrating advertisement in the right part of the design is crucial for the monetary benefits of the news portal. You must be able to use ads without turning readers away from your website.

What is Our News Portal Development

We design and style websites that are search engine friendly, responsive and creative in nature. Our dynamic CMS websites comes with total administration manage panel that helps you to handle your content and website in present with less effort. We also offer one roof solution to your internet existence necessities. We also offer web consultancy, web designing, redesigning of accessible websites. As a news and media website designing company in India, we are incredibly cost-effective and deliver our web designing projects at a given time to our customers. If you are searching for news portal which must be substantiate with wide design, included with huge features and conduct millions of visitor, you will definitely get a flawless solution at Samaritan Infotech.

Responsive Design

Responsive and it looks great on every device. It is fully compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

SEO Optimized

Our code is clean and search engines optimized. It has the correct H tags hierarchy and fast loading times.


With easy mail settings, you can send HTML emails to all registered users.

Why Choose News Portals Development with us

We offer one roof solution to your internet existence necessities. We also offer web consultancy, web designing, redesigning of accessible websites. As a news and media website designing company in India, we are incredibly cost-effective and deliver our web designing projects at a given time to our customers.

Features the hottest news/ Latest/ Most Trendy articles in this module, those have get more likes.

This column on the website features the breaking news section revealing the top most news to the site visitors.

The site search module allows the users to search inside the categories. For example – search for Hollywood news for 2022.

Advertisement module can be controlled from admin section and display flash and static images, adding onto the revenue of the client.

Video can be uploaded in news stories, interviews, photo gallery & advertisement. For example, in Food & Drinks section, video related to f&b will be displayed. Video can be embedded from You Tube or uploaded as flv.

Daily polls can be set up and results of previous polls displayed graphically.The admin section can set up a quiz under this module and can also view the participants from the admin section.

News Portal Portal Development Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Find answers to all your frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about News Portal Portal Development, News Portal development explained, what is the process of breaking news development, how do i get into News Portal development, what is a real News Portal, News Portal portal development company!
Here have News Portal Development frequently asked questions (FAQ).

A News Portal is the theme; theme designs are creative and have some good features that allow you to create fast and easily style according to your needs. Themes are fully customized and free available (some themes are paid) so you can easily do changes on that according to your need.
A portal is a web-primarily based totally platform that collects facts from exclusive assets right for one person interface and affords customers with the maximum applicable facts for his or her context. Over time, easy web portals have advanced into portal structures that aid virtual purchasers revel in initiatives.

Samaritan InfoTech is providing you best solution for news portal development. We develop a news portal for some websites that has some information or news from many sources.
There is some Advantage of using News Portal-
o You can see news online with daily updates.
o You do not need to spend much time and money on that.
o You will have all news or information up to date.
o You can see news reports very fast rather than a newspaper.

We develop a News portal according to your requirement. Generally, news portals have some common features.
o User Login System & Registration
o Feedback and Enquiry Management System
o Powerful Banner and Advertisement Management System
o Add/Post/Remove/Edit News
o News Rating System
o User Login System & Agents Signup
o Email Subscription and Newsletter Mailing System Integration
o Video Gallery Management and YouTube Integration
o Secure Admin Login

Samaritan InfoTech provides you all solutions in development. We have a good professional developer team they are highly talented. A News Portal website has all the data or information from many sources.
News Portal is an eLearning platform where you can share any news. The information is up to date and time saving also money-saving. The information is updated fast and easily. News portal may have news, images, videos, text, blogs, etc. You can update news in top highlighted, ads.
You can add news, edit and if need then delete it.
We develop a portal in such a way that a non-technical person can understand and do tasks on it. We develop a portal according to your need only. We will provide you 100% satisfaction.