SMS Marketing Services

We are Bulk SMS Service Provider in India providing SMS service at most low priced rates since 2011. And as a leader in providing Bulk SMS Transactional, Promotional and Marketing SMS services in India we ensure you get up to 100% assured delivery of messages.

Advantages of a SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Service Provider in India, we have also been providing innovative mobile messaging services across India. And specialize in Bulk messaging services and SMS Gateway connectivity services in India. Our Bulk SMS package is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. You cannot find all such features together at an affordable price anywhere else.


Brand Reinforcement

One of the major advantages of SMS Marketing is that it helps reinforce your brand among consumers. By engaging them with communication that is in line with the rest of your marketing, you can leverage upon SMS as a channel to stay on top of your customers’ mind.


Highly Cost-effective

According to studies, the average open rate of text messages is a whopping 95% as compared to 27% for email. Customers keep their mobile phones on hand, making it easy to communicate your message to them. Solid open rate is one of the greatest advantages of sms marketing.


Reliable/ High Conversion

Unlike email, SMS doesn't have to battle against spam or other email filters. If anything, SMS is more of a direct connection to your customer base than any other marketing strategy, and there aren't any barriers. With SMS, there is an incredibly high rate of subscriber action.

Why SMS Marketing Is Important

SMS marketing services allow you to send out personalized messages to your target audience at just the right moment to show you care about their brand experience. This paves the way for stronger brand relationships that fuel business success.

Today, more and more companies are leveraging the best text marketing services to scale their business – don’t fall behind by the competition.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

Text marketing service gets your message delivered immediately to your target audience with just a click of a button. This allows you to send time-sensitive messages at scale, such as event-related promotions and flash sales, and increase the chances of your message getting seen as soon as it is delivered.

Direct Customer Communication

Around 75 percent of customers don’t mind texts from companies they opted-in (eMarketer). What’s more, 70 percent consider SMS a great way to get their attention in today’s distracting digital world. Through SMS advertising, you connect with the most customers in the least amount of time.

Higher Open Rates

Text messages boast a 98 percent open rate. On average, it takes only 90 seconds for the receiver to respond to a message (Omnisend). With the right text messaging marketing service, your SMS campaign can significantly impact your brand awareness and bottom line.

Wide Audience Reach

According to Pew Research Center, a whopping 97 percent of Americans own a cellphone. This means you can reach most of your target audience via text marketing service campaigns. Whether you’re managing a small business, enterprise or multi-location company, the best text marketing services can help you reach a wide range of target demographics.

Easy Campaign Tracking

Text marketing companies use state-of-the-art SMS messaging tools to monitor the progress, engagement and performance of text marketing campaigns. Fortunately, SMS marketing is easy to track. Key metrics, such as list growth rate, attrition rate, click-through rate (CTR) and acquisition cost per subscriber, give you deeper insights into your SMS performance.

Increased Revenue

Studies show customers are more likely to click on a link sent through text versus email. On average, one-third of SMS recipients react to SMS calls-to-action (CTAs) and about 47 percent make a purchase (Omnisend). Utilized right, SMS marketing services can deliver excellent conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) to your business.

How Does MMS Marketing Work?

If you’re thinking of sending MMS messages to your subscribers, you need to first gain an in-depth understanding of what is MMS messaging and what it entails:

MMS Message Character Limit

Unlike text messages with a limited character count, MMS messages do not have a standard length (depending on the service provider). With MMS marketing service, you can provide your subscribers with more detailed information about your brand offerings.

MMS Media Content Options

Besides sending a text with unlimited characters, you can also include various types of content in your MMS messages. These include animated images (GIFs), videos, pictures, audio clips and virtual business cards.

MMS Marketing Costs

Since MMS messages support different media content, MMS marketing services are relatively more expensive than text marketing. On average, MMS marketing campaigns cost 2-3X higher than a mobile text marketing message. This is because you will be paying for the increased visual appeal and flexibility of your MMS messages.

What is Samaritan Bulk SMS Services

We broadcast approx 30 Million SMS Messages per month across India. With a regular broadcasting capacity of 1 Million SMS Messages daily. And to maintain ourselves as best Bulk SMS Company or SMS Gateway Provider in India we have created an unnecessary network with all major Telecom Operators. We provide a user-friendly web-based panel for end-users to manage and run Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS with assured delivery.

SMS Marketing Services Enable You To

Samaritan InfoTech explained here supportive features of Bulk SMS Marketing.

Incorporating easier composing of SMS campaigns and effective delivery of the same to the target mobiles.

Enabling the promotion using mobile phones as well as web-enabled forms.

Availing easy-to-use shortcode based SMS campaigns with cost-effective subscription options.

Setting autoresponder messages to get delivery confirmation for SMS campaign messages.

Enabling fully manageable control for your account for better SMS campaign account management.