Yellow Pages Portal Development

Internet marketing, Digital Marketing, Business advertising on Google, Facebook, Video marketing on Youtube and brand promotion through social media is a must towards generating business leads and more customers online locally and globally for every business in today digital revolution in India. If any business is not promoting online then surely they are missing a lot of new business opportunity.

Key Features Of Yellow Pages Portal

Presently days professional listings are turning out to be more and more famous. Samaritan InfoTech offer you best yellow pages/directory web portal. directory web portal improvement in permits you to do listing of organizations by classification, individual brokers by region, fresh debut products, promotions and significantly more. All of your database can likewise be effectively keep up with under the proper classes which implies that you can pick precisely the number of products that listing will fit. A directory/yellow pages Web Portal is totally different from any typical website regarding ease of use. directory Web Portals principally center around online local area building and get clients to enroll and utilize the administrations on ordinary premise.


Admin and User Panel

Samaritan Infotech provides an Admin ideal for creating and managing the content of a BUSINESS DIRECTORY organising businesses into categories. Separate Admin Panel, Staff Panel, Data Admin, QA/ QC Admin.



With sponsored listings, social media, and a variety of other features that your advertisers will love, Metro Publisher’s business directory add-on is packed with easy to sell features, that provide great revenue opportunities for your sales team.


Customized Directory

Samaritan Infotech have more advanced features With customizable fields, links, colors, and the ability to easily edit with PHP or html, the CM Business Directory. There have many features related to Banner Posting, Premium & Free listing, Verified listing and more.


Database Management

Web application development has seen a vital shift over the last few years. With technology advancements and deviations in programming landscape, the demands of business functionalities have changed.


Online Payment Gateway

Nowadays, web services are becoming more and more popular with increasing mobile access and development of e-commerce. Anyone who would come up with a website will definitely expect it to grow to attract more and more visitors.


User Interface

We have our name popularized by developing supreme web applications for portals, e-commerce and e-learning software, CRM, business process automation and so on. Our applications adhere to the latest in web standards and are known for their usability, quality, security etc.

Specialized Features Of Yellow Pages Portals

Samaritan InfoTech have explored here most important e-learning website features that provide an enhanced learning experience from the traditional methods!

Bulk Import/Export

Samaritan InfoTech is a PHP based business directory script which provides an option to easily import and export categories, users and listings. Now there is no need to worry about data entry operations. Simply create an excel file and remaining work will be done automatically.

Email Queuing

Our yellow pages script has an option to send bulk emails. Most of the ISP has a limit of few hundred emails per day but GoClixy will handle it automatically and if ISP email sending limit is over for the day, the remaining emails will be sent automatically by the Samaritan on the next day.

Data Maintenance

Now there is no need to go to hosting panel for database backup and restoration because our yellow pages software provide you an option at backend to perform backup and recovery operations.

What is Our Yellow Pages Solution

Samaritan InfoTech has been successfully advertising local businesses in India through its online business marketing portal First Video business directory of India making digital marketing service and online marketing service a very ease. is an online Video business directory, Video classified directory, online advertising service portal.

Search Filters

Such as these from Secret Escapes, which serve you destination results updated in real time based on the boxes you tick.This helps them in selecting the best Real Estate plan and more preference to your website.

Huge Beautiful Images

Image showcases its users locations incredibly well with screen-filling glory. You’re also not bombarded by rows upon rows of thumbnails, just a handful of well-chosen pictures, which you can cycle through at your own pace.

Customer Reviews

An integral part of all retail experiences, consumers reviews are an effective sales drivers, and a trusted sources of information for users, unfortunately very few real estate broker or agent seem to use them.

Why Choose Yellow Pages Portal Development with us

Digital marketing only means promoting your local business, products or services on the internet via,, or other websites or social media platforms. Helpful digital marketing or online internet marketing service results in the top search ranking of your business on Google, Top video ranking on YouTube, More visibility on social media etc.

We have considered not only meta title, keywords and description but also inbound linking while developing GoClixy business software directory. So there is no need to worry about ranking. You just need to enter right details and Samaritan will manage the ranking itself.

Now it is easy to add extra information/pages like about us, privacy, feedback etc. All you have to specify is page title, description and location. You can also add Meta title, keyword and description in term of SEO.

Admin can add product or services, images and videos, deal and working hours. Easy activation or deactivation of multiple listings on a single click, soft delete and spam listings are few of the advanced features supported by Samaritan.

Samaritan is the first business directory builder company which provides option to add locality information along with City, State and Country. Now user can also search in a particular area.

Samaritan allow you to easily add and manage special meta tags to your online directory application. Meta tags improve search engine listing and placements. Our tag manager module will save time and money by automatically creating meta tag.

No need to login to Google Analytics just to find the number of visitors, get this information on your dashboard. This feature gives you key insights that help drive the evolution of your business directory on mobile app and desktop.

Yellow Pages Portal Development Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Find answers to all your frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about Yellow Pages Portal Development, Yellow Pages development explained, what is the process of Yellow Pages development, how do i get into real estate development, what is a Yellow Pages portal, Yellow Pages portal development company!
Here have Yellow Pages Portal Development frequently asked questions (FAQ).

The yellow pages websites are like a telephone directory of businesses, organized in such a way that category is a search alphabetically by business name, and in which advertising is sold.
Online directories are sites like Yellow Pages, Just dial (India), etc., that maintain a searchable database of local businesses. In just dial user can search according to his location and type of business they have need and then search it and get desired results.
Some directories allow submitting information about your business:
o Name, address, and phone number
o Website address
o Business description
o Business categories
o Hours of operation
o Links to social media
o Photos

Samaritan InfoTech is providing you services in the digital market and online business promotion portal. We have highly talented professionals they will suggest you according to your requirement and do the task.
We are providing services in all of India. In order to make a yellow page website or yellow page Ads, some key features need to keep in mind. The key features are:
o Admin and User Panel
o Cost-Effective
o Customized Directory
o Database Management
o Online Payment Gateway
o User Interface

We create a directory website; we will design a perfect theme suitable to your requirement. This type f websites are very useful to the user they can easily log in and search for their needs.
This will surely bring your business to a high top and profit. Samaritan InfoTech is extremely hooked in to doing such detailed informative directory website creation and making the client’s expectation to the subsequent level.

Some small business owners think that website directories are massive databases whether their listing will just stray within the shuffle. the reality is that platforms have significant benefits for little businesses. Here are some benefits:
Magnify your Online Presence:
If you look for your business on the web, you’ll likely see your business show up in directories that you never submitted an inventory.
Boost your business:
SEO may be a method of presenting your web page in such how that the program will favor it and rank within the top position within the results for applicable searches. A user must trust the program in order that the program will provide more information about your website and therefore the more consistent that information is, the higher you’ll rank.

Samaritan InfoTech has developed an online directory. There are many ways we can create a website for you. Here are a number of the various sorts of directories you’ll build with WordPress:
o Website Directories
o Business Directories
o Coupon or Daily Deals Directories
o Real Estate Agents or Vehicle Dealerships
o Job Boards

Samaritan InfoTech works as a directory website development company has wide experience in creating directories like a business directory, doctor directory, real estate directory, job board directory, etc. For every client, we design and develop the best directory website that converts well for a great user experience.
We provide Yellow page Ads and websites with SEO Optimization, Content Management System, Unlimited Business Listings, Location Manager, Tags Management, Tracking, and Reporting, etc.
Look for Directory Website Design Solutions
o Admin panel maintain
o Add pages, editing images and text
o Customize your site and online form
o Custom designs and logo
o SEO friendly
o Content adding and Meta management
o Back up and security features
o Making a good user experience website
o Chat support

Samaritan InfoTech has been successfully advertising local businesses in India through its online business marketing portal .First Video business directory of India making digital marketing service and online marketing service very easy. is an online business directory, Video classified directory, online advertising service portal, any type of listings directory website made by Samaritan InfoTech.