Travel Portal Development

Samaritan InfoTech offers end to end solution in the travel section which does not confine to only Flight booking, Hotel booking, Bus booking, Car Booking but also offers other important services like travel & recharge portal development along with travel portal consultancy. We provide also ready made travel portal development services to our customers depends upon business requirements.

Key Features Of Travel Portal

Being a startup digital marketing and online business promotion portal with a team of highly experienced IT professional – we have proved to be the best online business promotion company. We are serving clients from all over the world.


Admin and User Panel

Samaritan Infotech provides an Admin ideal for creating and managing and Secure Login, Sub admin creation, CMS , Booking of rooms and suites in hotels, Booking management, Launching special offers, Generate discount coupons for clients, Featured Packages, User management, Customer management, View account summary of customer, Booking (Agents and clients can see their booking status, cancel or take print)', Agents management, Staff management and more advanced Features.



This is the key advantage of the automation of your travel business. Whether an application is based on Open Source Development technologies or ASP. Net development, it offers a cost advantage over the traditional mode of tour operation management. Samaritan InfoTech Using latest Technologies such as PHP and .Net, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, JQuery, Jscript, MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle & Java.


Customer Oriented

Samaritan Infotech Travel Portal Development have specified as per customer Oriented such as Flight XML API Integration, Hotel XML API Integration , Generate Discount Coupons, Email alert for registration/booking/cancellation/invoices and payments, Bus API Integration, Car API Integration, Booking Management Module, Markup Management Module. Report of daily, weekly and monthly , Trip Advisor Integration, Suitable payment Method and various for air booking, hotel reservation, car booking, bus booking and many others.


Database Management

Web application development has seen a vital shift over the last few years. With technology advancements and deviations in programming landscape, the demands of business functionalities have changed.


Online Payment Gateway

Nowadays, web services are becoming more and more popular with increasing mobile access and development of e-commerce. Anyone who would come up with a website will definitely expect it to grow to attract more and more visitors.


User Interface

We have our name popularized by developing supreme web applications for portals, e-commerce and e-learning software, CRM, business process automation and so on. Our applications adhere to the latest in web standards and are known for their usability, quality, security etc.

Specialized Features Of Travel Portals

Technically, travel portal is specifically built for travel industry. An ideal travel portal solution covers all the major aspects of to help agencies air booking, hotel booking, travel packages, bus booking and insurance.

Flight Bookings

A standard solution offers a web based application module for domestic and international flight bookings. This application is internally linked with a unique flight reservation system. Once a user selects an inquiry and submit it for the transaction, it is automatically redirected to a payment gateway for final processing.

Hotel Bookings

A solution must have a module for hotel bookings as well. It allows users to search from various options available in the hotel category with an appropriate price tag and associated amenities. Once a user selects a hotel with proper details, he is redirected to the payment gateway for final payments.

Forex Module

We are living in a world where globalization is a buzzword. Numerous currencies are being used by the global travelers across the world. That is why, a travel portal must contain an application for Forex, specially designed by the website development services experts to display and include updated buying and selling rates of foreign currencies.

What is Our Travel Portal Development

The Travel Portal offers online booking features to customers or ends users visiting the website. Travel Portal constitutes following important features to its customers. Air ticket booking for domestic and international airlines, Hotel booking for domestic and international hotels, Bus Booking engine using which a user can book Bus from one location to the other location nationwide, Car Booking engine which can help a user to book the car rental of his choice at his desired location, Charter plane booking & exclusive travel and destination holiday packages. Holiday packages help users to choose the desired or suiting package as per the need. The package section is exclusive in features and can be categorized into different user segment.

Search Filters

Such as these from Secret Escapes, which serve you destination results updated in real time based on the boxes you tick. This helps them in selecting the best Real Estate plan and more preference to your website.

Huge Beautiful Images

Image showcases its users locations incredibly well with screen-filling glory. You’re also not bombarded by rows upon rows of thumbnails, just a handful of well-chosen pictures, which you can cycle through at your own pace.

Customer Reviews

An integral part of all retail experiences, consumers reviews are an effective sales drivers, and a trusted sources of information for users, unfortunately very few real estate broker or agent seem to use them.

Why Choose Travel Portal Development with us

Travel portals are some of the very innovative applications useful for travel service providers of all sizes and strength. Most of these solutions contain dynamic website like looks, flash presentations and innovative inbuilt communication techniques to add more to the service efficiencies.

One of the most comprehensive travel distribution platform for travel intermediaries which helps them to sell across multiple sales channels.

Empower travel agents to centrally manage all their B2B agents & subagents.

Provides booking engine functionality for multiple services like Flights, Hotels, Package, Transfer and sightseeing, car, insurance and many more.

Offers complete corporate workflow management from inquiry generation booking processing and authorization.

Known as “Central booking handling interface” where all the bookings and final documents are processed.

For an inbound/ outbound/ DMC operator, QuadLabs offers an online solution through which they can consolidate, distribute and manage their inventory, bookings and business processes. Through a single online platform a tour operator can manage their holiday/tour packages, sales channels, along with their own staff and branches.

Travel Portal Development Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Find answers to all your frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about Travel Portal Development, Travel Portal development explained, what is the process of Travel Portal development, how do i get into Travel Portal development, what is a Travel Portal, Travel  portal development company!
Here have Travel Portal Development frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Samaritan InfoTech is a web development company that provides you with Travel Portal website with a complete solution. A travel portal is mainly used in the travel booking business. If you have a travel business and want to market it or manage it by yourself then you must need a website first.
Travel Portal platforms for distributors/retailers to help them grow their business online. A person wants to book a trip in advance so they can easily check on your website bookings available for date and month, according to that they can book your services. They can see your price range, your services, easily contact you.
Travelers can negotiate for exclusive offers by connecting with different travel operators Websites of different businesses let them know about the charges and benefits being offered. All the bookings are for Domestic and non-domestic destinations.

In website development, we update all the features and services provided by the client and about his history and services which they want to give to the client. Travel portals have contained full information about their services and in that, we can have travel agents, distributors, etc so that is the main basis difference in development.
A travel website portal can be managed by Admin and easily connect with a user; the user can reach you easily, payment and other services you need to update on the website.

A Travel Portal Development is that the key to attaining a strong on-line presence and increased guests on your website that additional leads to maximized ROI. it’s advantages for each the party’s travel business and therefore the final user.
Travel businesses will connect with their customers during a time and cost-saving method. On the opposite hand, customers get updated info and book their travel simply. Accelerate the event of your sales by clearly differentiating yourself from your competitors.
One-click offers travel portal development solutions for all B2B and B2C travel businesses World Health Organization wishes to rework themselves by the standard of their services.
Meet the wants of an improved advised people, adept at technology, because of newest travel technical school solutions. These solutions can assist you to generate new opportunities and strengthen your competitive positioning.
Discover the advantages of developing a travel platform for a professional travel agency:
• An easy-to-use booking solution, personalized for you and your customers
• A solid and stable platform, with 99.5% uptime
• Rich content: Look no further and increase your online reservations
• Easy configuration
• Quick commissioning by project managers at your service
• Complete and efficient after-sales support
• Productivity gains to better redistribute your resources
• An integrated business travel management solution to provide added value to your customers

We perceive the actual fact that each business runs with a profit motive. Gaining client confidence is that the key to a vast surplus. a wonderful travel portal development permits your business recognized among a broader audience. Portal development is proving a useful issue for travel businesses.
Some of the benefits are-
• Provide real-time updated content.
• Curtail management and handling expenses.
• Better customer service
• Secure valuable time and cost.
• It reduces order processing expenses.
• It offers an immediate booking system for flights, hotels and travel packages, etc.
• It supports the extension of your business.

Nowadays, people travel frequently, the earlier generations, didn’t give priority to travel much and if they have traveled then they will visit historical places and religious sites, rich in culture and heritage. But in now years people love to travel and enjoy it.
A travel portal development company can help your online travel agency gain a competitive edge by adding a variety of features to your portal.
Some of the features are
o Responsive Design
o Search engine with the filters
o Google Maps integration
o Favorites
o Payment Gateways
o Reviews & Ratings
o 24*7 Customer Service
Building a travel website that offers high conversion rates is not a one-time process. You have to repeatedly work on it and use various A/B testing to optimize the site.

Samaritan InfoTech provides you best solution in design and develops a Travel portal business according to your requirement. We provide the best quality Travel Portal Website Development Services at an affordable cost. Our development team will work with you and give you successful results to become a more user-friendly web portal. We will use API and Payment gateway and other features according to customer requirements.
We will develop a portal or website according to customer requirements. We mainly focus on user interface and database management when developing. We will provide end-to-end customer satisfaction.