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Business2Business Web Development

Business is quickly growing by adopting a good source of technology to sell products or services involving two companies or organizations comprising the g of manufacturer, wholesalers, suppliers and dealers using an integrated B2B platform as a tool of extensive options and features. Widely known as e-Biz or e-Commerce in the internet world, via a B2B online website, one can sell and buy products or services at a B2B marketplace.

B2B B2b Portal Design And Development Solutions Website

A gateway to many business-to-business (B2B) consumers, B2B portals are optimized to improve efficiency and growth of the business that helps your supply chain companies and organizations to market their company, products or services, text, images and contact details to audiences ranging from domestic to international customers. With the relevancy of the product and service listing available directly to the end-users, your chances of customer acquisition and revenues are highly beneficial. B2B portals are a very strong source of expanding the network and advertising across a distributed source of channels across the broad spectrum of overall marketing verticals.


Responsive website design is a front-end development process designed for molding website design and user experience to user’s gadget -desktop, laptop or mobile. These websites will increase the user experience and reduces the bounce rate and finally helps in gaining leads.

B2B Portal Maintenance

The on-going shift to B2B e-commerce is triggered by extended functionality of automated systems that allow businesses to streamline business processes, ensure secure transactions and enrich marketing strategy with new methods and tactics.

B2B Portal App Development

Samaritan Infotech has developed, designed, and deployed various B2B and B2C portals to enhance the advance Features of online marketplaces. To increase the efficacy of delivery, octal team is not restricted to selecting the technical stack and choosing various open source components.

B2B Portal Designing

B2B portals facilitate communication between corporates and companies. B2B may be used to facilitate financial transactions as well. B2B portals act as the one stop for all needs. A B2B solution needs to be robust, reliable and effective as well as efficient and economical.

B2B Development

A B2B portal is a platform, where businesses advertise their listing and seeing people relying on internet to buy anything, B2B portals are really successful if these are made SEO friendly, high functionality and under unique strategy. Webpulse has experienced developers who have already developed several B2B Portals.

B2B Marketing

B2B marketing techniques rely on the same basic principles as consumer marketing, but are executed in a unique way. While consumers choose products based not only on price but on popularity, status, and other emotional triggers, B2B buyers make decisions on price and profit potential alone.

B2B Portal Support

With us you get a website that looks clean, modern, sleek, and easy to ready. It creates customer satisfaction and builds trust and trust builds revenue.


Samaritan InfoTech is following 3 steps to develop & give top most designed to our end users

Requirement Gathering

We are proficient in business analysis & gathering of data.Our first step is Question Answers Round in which we understand what our client needs in detail from the various stakeholders (customers, users, vendors, IT staff, etc.)

Competitor Analysis and Mock Up

In this step we do analysis on the basis of our questionnaire & understand what other competitors are doing then we form a structure.After this we design a mock up for our client & if they are satisfied with quality and analysis then we move forward for final implementation

Final quality Design & on time Delivery

Our professional windows web application developers are proficient in developing any kind of customized websites.so according to confirmation of draft or mock up we design the final website & we maintain the delivery time & quality of product

Samaritan InfoTech

Specific benefits of B2B Portals

Our database is web based and runs on any client with a web browser installed. We offer registration services, personalization services, advertisement and promotional services, build-your-own-site facilities etc.

  • Admin / Back-end functionality

    This is usually the most important design stage. Without completely taking away emphasis on the front-end, it will still mobilize a large part of available resources for your project, especially considering that the work in the back-end is the heart of your website.

  • Application Development

    Build-your-own-Application facilities, business analysis and reporting facilities, content management, administration and value-added services like Chat, Email, News, Message Boards, Greeting Cards, Polls and Quizzes.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    we work closely with new customers to drive traffic and maximize user signups. Our approach is reflected in this chart, which shows what happened to one telco’s traffic a few months after they migrated to the Samaritan platform.

  • Easily Searchable Functionalities

    Best B2B online retailers have been experiencing a strong growth due to the brisk migration of manufacturers and wholesalers to online platforms.

  • SEO Friendly

    SEO (search engine optimization) is the science of getting your Web pages to show up when people use search engines. Which means, B2B SEO = the science of reaching professionals via search engines

  • Content management solutions

    A further business-driven requirement of portals is that the content be able to work on multiple platforms. With its Administration module administrator can add any number of Modules, Roles, and Events in every module.

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