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Top Service Providers To Check Out For Hiring Android Programmers


Today, almost everyone is using their mobile phones to meet daily needs. It is because various applications are available for different purposes. And majorly, there are only two categories of solutions currently utilized worldwide: Android and iOS. But majorly, there are Android users in significant amounts, so entrepreneurs are looking to develop Android applications for their ventures by hiring Android programmers from suitable service providers.

As per statistics for 2022, there are about 2.8 billion active users found utilizing Android applications from all over. So there are many entrepreneurs who have plunged into the digital market by creating Android software for the venture and have started receiving significant conversions in a shorter interval. Moreover, Android is a mobile operating system dependent on an upgraded version of the Linux Kernel, compatible with running on tablets and smartphones.

Due to the substantial number of Android users globally, startup owners are willing to make Android applications for their ventures. If you, as an entrepreneur, are motivated to build Android software for your enterprise, then companies for hiring Android coders and the costs of appointing them are mentioned in this post which would help you to hire programmers working on Android. Let’s explore all those sections in detail.

Top Service Providers For Hiring Android Coders

Numerous technology partners are present to serve the solutions and allow entrepreneurs to hire Android coders to get their software ready. Among them, here are the top ones listed below:

Elluminati Inc

Elluminati Inc is a prime destination for startup owners to appoint Android developers for creating applications of their businesses. Moreover, the firm has a development team of 100+ members working on different tech stacks and frameworks. Hence, you can hire Android coders from this company. In addition, a firm is known for providing innovative solutions to its clients.


BootesNull provides superior development services to its clients on various platforms. You can also hire Android programmers because it possesses a staff of 35+ developers committed to offering you valuable solutions for your venture, as they thoroughly understand the requirements of your enterprise. Moreover, the firm has an experience of 4+ years and has pleased many consumers.


ValueCoders is a perfect place for entrepreneurs to appoint Android developers for creating the software of their ventures to stay afloat in the market. Moreover, it’s trusted by many renowned organizations, which assures that you can get a top-notch Android application by hiring their Android programmers. In addition, the firm has maintained a client retention ratio of 97% and has also delivered its services in 32+ countries worldwide.

Hidden Brains

Are you looking for Android developers? Hidden Brains is a leading company to check out for appointing Android coders. The firm also offers delightful solutions on other tech stacks to its customers regarding any market segment, so you can get your Android software developed by hiring Android programmers for your business. Besides this, it has a rich clientele containing reputed organizations and has provided solutions to customers across 107 countries.


Optymize is a leading company from where startup owners can hire Android developers to build software for their ventures to rise in the market. The firm has a team of 1550+ dedicated programmers working on 100+ platforms, so you can easily appoint Android developers by approaching this company. Moreover, it is also known for delivering practical solutions to its clients within the mentioned timeline at affordable rates.

Thus, you can appoint Android developers to get an application ready for your enterprise by contacting the above-listed companies. So for that, you should also know the cost of hiring Android coders, which is mentioned in the next section.

Cost Of Appointing Android Programmers

Nowadays, the requirements for mobile applications are increasing terribly from all over, and Android software is majorly preferred all over, as it holds a global market share of 71.66%, which indicates the demand for this operating system. Hence, startup owners are willing to develop applications by appointing Android developers for their enterprises.

So for that, they should also know the costs of hiring Android coders, which are dependent upon numerous factors, including the number of features, locations, number of programmers occupied, and many others. Here you, as an entrepreneur, will receive an idea about the costs of appointing Android programmers from different countries, which would help you to hire them accordingly.

CountriesRates of Android Developers Per Hours (In USD)
Netherlands$25 – $60
Canada$70 – $120
USA$45 – $90
India$30 – $60
Switzerland$50 – $70

Thus, from the above table, you must have gained information regarding various costs of appointing Android coders according to different locations. So you can choose to hire them based on your nearby location or by considering the development rates. Also, the cost of hiring may vary due to some other factors, as discussed earlier.

Parting Lines:

Thus, it is advisable to develop the Android software by appointing developers from the technology partners; as of now, everyone prefers to use smartphone applications, and there is substantial use of Android applications worldwide. So it is always a better decision to get Android software built by hiring the coders working on that operating system and get an advantage of such demands. But for that, you, as a startup owner, should also appoint them by knowing the rates of Android programmers in various countries mentioned previously.

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