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Why you should focus on local SEO?

Most major companies focus on SEO to improve their search ranking and online visibility. With so many resources at their disposal, it puts the smaller entities in an unenvious situation. Competing with such resourceful giants can be an impossible mission, but it’s not all over. There is no need to be discouraged by such a situation because there is enough room for everyone on the market. Since major companies are mostly oriented toward the national level, you have a chance to focus on local SEO for specific geolocation. Overall, this is a great strategy to win over the audience in a particular area, and every business owner needs to take it into account, even industry giants.

Why you should focus on local SEO?

Local SEO gives you the opportunity to focus on a nearby, more relevant audience. A broad national and international audience is harder to acquire, and many local businesses probably don’t have much interest in it. Since they usually operate on a local level, they need to concentrate on the same area more. Of course, nothing stops you from using standard SEO practices and combining them with local SEO. For the best results, you should actually use both of them. But to increase your chance of success, you need to understand why local SEO is essential and start investing in it as soon as possible.

How to approach it?

SEO is a great way to improve your online visibility and rankings, in general. But to leave a mark on the local market, you will need to improve your local visibility.
● First, you need to claim any mention of your business. This will get you a good starting point to make a strong business profile.
● Second, you will need to make business listings in popular and relevant places like Google, Yelp, social media, etc.
Remember that you will need accurate information everywhere since both the search engines and the audience will look for your name, address, and phone number.

Local SEO Categories

There are several SEO categories you need to cover for Quality local SEO. In most cases, these are places where you submit your NAP info (name, address, and phone number):
● Citation websites
● Local directory listings
● Local partner websites
● Industry-related local websites
● The local chambers of commerce
● Newspapers, and even magazines

Basically, by including accurate and consistent information on listings, you ensure better visibility and provide more credibility when search engines evaluate you. People looking for a specific service or a product will have an easier job finding you, and they will also get all the necessary information to compare you with others. With a good service, you will earn good reviews and attract even more potential clients.

Top reasons you should focus on local SEO

It’s a budget-friendly advertisement

Local SEO is an efficient and budget-friendly way to achieve favorable results. Since the conversion rate is significantly larger, it’s definitely a worthy investment. Building a quality local SEO profile doesn’t necessarily require you to invest money, but it does need a lot of time and effort. However, if you don’t want to or don’t know how to do it on your own, hiring SEO experts to help you is the right choice. They will manage your local profile leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

Gives your business credibility

Focusing on local SEO is also worth in terms of credibility. Today, search engines are highly developed, and most people trust them. If someone is searching for a specific product, they will have no hard time believing what Google, for example, is suggesting to them. After all, they have highly sophisticated algorithms that are continuously improved. Given these points, it affects how online users perceive you if your business is listed in the top results.

Improves your position in search rankings

Everyone with the business presented online wishes it to be on the first page of search results. Various SEO strategies help with that, but local SEO helps as well. For example, search engines like Google prioritize websites optimized for local searches. When someone in Chicago searches for a mechanic, obviously, the search engines will not show them results from Boston. If you have a verified local business and an excellent local profile, you have more chances to rank higher. Because of how local SEO works, this leads to a strong local presence in the long term. In short, this means better traffic, more conversions, and eventually, higher profit.

Increases the visibility of your business

Today, everyone is using the internet. Consumers shop online, order online, schedule meetings online, and everything is digitized. No one even bothers to look for advertisements in physical shape, like newspapers, since everything is more accessible online. If you implement local SEO in your Digital marketing, you increase your chance of being discovered, not only by potential customers but also by other media like local news, industry networks, niche websites, and others. As a result, your exposure will rise, and your brand visibility will increase.

Competition is lower on the local level

As we already said, major competitors might be operating on a much larger scale in multiple locations. Which means you get more opportunity to drive more customers on a local level. On a national level, you will be competing with every single business in your industry. Additionally, you can get competitors for specific keywords outside of your niche. However, on a local level, the competition is much lower and more precise. By focusing on a smaller area, or fewer locations, you will be able to outrank larger companies. It’s better to be on top in your city than the last on the list on the national level.

Better audience targeting

For example, if you take Google search, the way it selects and shows results is constantly evolving, especially for local searches. If your business address is in the same location as people who initiate queries, you have the best chance to pop up. This, in essence, gives you advantage overs companies that focus on the national level. Because of that, local SEO makes it possible to target the local audience more precisely. Additionally, you can increase your influence in the local area with local ads. This is something that businesses outside of your area can’t easily benefit from.

Competition is lower on the local level

With so many people using different mobile devices, you need a way to benefit from it. Google My Business, with Google Maps, and other conveniences, are available on every device. As a business owner, you can benefit from it by focusing on local SEO. Smartphone users are more likely to purchase from you if your business app or website is location-specific, especially if they are searching on the go, which is, after all, the whole purpose of using mobile devices. Not focusing on it and not making your website or app user-friendly is really a wasted opportunity.

Increases your conversion rate

Finally, the whole purpose of your business is to increase profit. That’s why local SEO can help you with it by increasing your conversion rate. A large percentage of local searches end with a purchase because people are looking for a solution. When searching for a place to eat, they will obviously be the most interested in restaurants or similar businesses. By optimizing your local SEO profile, you increase the number of potential visitors.


Whether you are a small business or national level company, you should focus on local SEO. This is a sure way of building a lasting brand, improving your business, and increasing trust among potential clients. Without it, you are missing a lot of opportunities.

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