How to Use Hashtags Effectively on Social Media?

How to Use Hashtags Effectively on Social Media?

Hashtags are one of the effective social media marketing campaign tools that most brands use to promote their services or products. According to one statistic, a Twitter campaign with hashtags enhances the engagement rate by 100% (it is twice) for individuals and 50% for brands. Also, you must not use more than two hashtags. Or else, your campaign will experience a drop of 17% in engagement.

Hashtags are good to use in any kind of social media content. They help people in finding interesting content that is related to them. And brand’s websites hosted dedicated server at inexpensive price to run hashtag campaigns with no performance issues. Remember that dedicated servers give an isolated hosting environment to host websites and applications with full-proof security.

The perfect social media strategy means you should have relevant and popular hashtags to enhance your brand’s credibility. These social media platforms are hosted on fine-tuned bare metal servers . In this guide, let us explore some amazing ways to use hashtags campaign effectively. Before that, you should know what hashtags are?

What are Hashtags?

The hashtag is a special character or a metadata tag symbolized as hash signs. Hashtags (#) are mostly used to run social media campaigns. These are user-generated tags that enable cross-referencing of the microblogging content or photos. Mostly, hashtags show that some trends are gaining popularity. These campaigns could be related to any events, social causes, and other factors.

What You Can Do with Hashtags?

With hashtags, you have to use one phrase with no spaces. For instance, #youaresuccess could be a hashtag campaign to run a campaign called ‘You are Success’. You can place this hashtag at the beginning, mid, or the end of your content. And always remember to put a couple of lines while incorporating hashtags. Because of this strategy, readers will like your hashtags and they will also use the same to promote your campaign further. People or followers who are not following your content can also read it if you use hashtags properly.

How to Find Effective Hashtags: Start with Influencers?

While using hashtag campaigns, you might come across terminologies like common hashtags and the most complex or inaccessible hashtags. A good place to start to begin hashtags campaign is to decide which hashtags work to pay attention to what hashtag influences in your niche are selected and used. Chances are, you have a good idea of who influences the attention of your audience, but if you are new to the niche, how do you find them? In a particular niche, they influence people whose words are widely trusted and listened to, such as celebrities, popular bloggers, and YouTube users. Many organizations worldwide use hashtags to enhance their marketing efforts. Pick some trending issues or take the help of tools to find the trending campaign.

Content creators can take the help of different digital marketing analytical tools to find trending hashtags. By using this tool, you can find top content, bloggers, publications, and authors in your niche. Follow the top promoters, and be aware of the hashtags they frequently use to get you into the right keywords and trends.

Ways to Use Hashtags Effectively On Social Media

1. Using Hashtags on Twitter

Enhance your engagement using relevant hashtags. However, do not fill your Twitter content with more than two keywords. Stuffing more than two keywords will lead to disengagement. using relevant keywords in a specific amount of followers will retweet your tweet, which results in more engagement. 2. Using Hashtags on Facebook

Facebook posts are a good medium to showcase the brand’s services and features. Also, companies worldwide can use social media descriptions of some lines. Then, in the end, use hashtags and keep your content professional. Type trending events on the search bar and find out trending keywords. Besides, if you are not willing to develop the new content, repost your older content that resonates with your followers using hashtags.

3. Using Hashtags on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a social media platform to showcase your brand in the professional network. As of now, there are no clickable hashtags offered by LinkedIn. If you want to add hashtags in LinkedIn posts, type # and some phrases related to your article. LinkedIn will suggest different hashtags related to the topic.

4. Using Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that allow you more than 30 hashtags. Using this platform, you can reach a large target audience. By adding more hashtags, you can make your campaign more successful and drive engagement through it.


Hashtags are important for your digital marketing campaign to make it successful. You should have the proper information about hashtags and digital marketing campaigns. Hence, if your objective is to drive engagement and generate leads, you will be requiring hashtags in your digital marketing campaigns.


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