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Web Analytics Services

Digital analytics is one of the key factors in augmenting and making sense of digital marketing efforts. Web analytics is mainly a method for monitoring, measuring, analyzing and reporting web data or website traffic. Businesses use it not only for market study and but also for examining and improving the effectiveness and user-friendliness of their website.

WHY does your business need Web analytics?

* Identify areas of improvement and plan the next course of action
* Understand user experience, behavioral pattern and funnel optimization
* Understand funnel data and credit the right channels for conversion
* Identify the target audience
* Fine-tune the website for ease of navigation and user-friendliness

Google Analytics Services

Data Analysis sometimes results in counter-intuitive insights which can save millions of dollars for companies.Our Google Analytics Consulting relationships are built around partnership: the hands-on expertise that you would expect from an industry-leading Google Analytics consulting firm, there when you need us.

Discover Strange Patterns

We combine the practical — including troubleshooting, advanced implementation, and reporting and visualization — with the educational, like regularly-scheduled calls and ongoing analysis that helps build your internal capacity and teaches you the right questions to ask.

Common Patterns Of Problems

Our interconnected teams go beyond a basic installation to recommend and implement advanced measurement strategies to enable the kind of analysis that impacts your bottom line.

Actionable Forms

We combine analytics tools, uncommon insight, and one of the longest-running Google Analytics practices in the North America to help you do it. Our expertise includes data analysis and visualization through tools like R, Tableau, Data Studio, Google Sheets, BigQuery, and more.

Explore The Data

We get first notice about upcoming changes and often get to put our clients into exclusive feature beta tests. Letting us worry about the changes lets you focus on your marketing; we will keep you apprised and help you implement changes as they come.

Dissect And Analyze

We are the people that can help you do it. From correcting the technical hiccups that can jeopardize data integrity to creating the dashboards and visualizations that can assist with analysis, we’re able to both better attribute your data and explain the business.

Real Time Monitor

Static web analytics and metrics are dwindling. In an era where trends move at the speed of light and turn on a dime, you need to have access to metrics in the moment. And with the rise of global data stream network service providers, this data is made available to users in milliseconds.

Samaritan InfoTech

Google is mainly classified into?

Samaritan Infotech have explored here Web Ananlytics features according to your Business module:

  • Processing

    Web analytics data is typically presented in dashboards that can be customized by user persona, date range, and other attributes. Data is broken down into categories.

  • Collecting

    Samaritan Web analytics services may also use cookies to Collecting individual sessions and to determine repeat visits from the same browser.

  • Reporting

    The most popular web analytics tool is Google Analytics, although there are many others on the market offering specialized information such as real-time activity or heat mapping..

  • Configuring

    With a wide variety of analytics tools on the market, the right vendors for your company’s needs will depend on your specific requirements. Luckily, Optimizely integrates with most of the leading platforms.

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