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Press Release Writing Services

Affordable press release writing and distribution to effectually grasp media attention and boost your search visibility...
Samaritan InfoTech is a full-cycle blog post writing company, helping you to create a feature story announcing your participation in industry events, the launch of new products and services, personnel promotions, sales accomplishments, recognition, and awards, etc..

Samaritan Press Release Writing Services Services

Besides product or service press release writing services, we also offer SEO press release submission services. We base our news press release on a comprehensive personal discussion with you, along with an exhaustive research of your industry, business, products, services or solutions to give an in-depth coverage of the press release's key points.

Elements of a Marketable Press Release

Samaritan InfoTech offered press release writing services in India for businesses from all niches. Our creative group is capable of creating insightful and effective press release pieces that can get the good words about your services and products out just the way you would love. As we have understood the importance that carefully written press releases hold, we are always hard at work crafting a range of email newsletter writing services. Our service propositions can not only keep the existing clients happy but effectively lure the potential customers, as well.


Always make sure your news is "newsworthy." It is there to inform, not to sell.all information will be informative not a sales perpose.

Stick to the Facts

Use a matter-of-fact tone and avoid flowery words and too many adjectives at all costs. Use active, informative, eye catchy, not passive, voice.

Start Strong

Grab the reader's attention with your headline and first paragraph. headline should be more attractive and second attention goes to First Para.

Strong Verbs

This will also help cut down on the extra adjective usage of Brand Information, Editor's information, terms of usase, News rights etc.

Avoid Hype

Your press release should never have a need for exclamation points! such as negative views related to your Brands, negative poits related to co-wroker etc.


Be clear, concise, and complete. Give the complete facts in as few words as possible. Journalists bother reading a wordy release that circles around the main point.

Samaritan InfoTech

How PR Help SEO ?

You have tons of amazingly creative ideas and are starting (for real, finally) your new business. Or, you’re launching a book, or even a new service inside your existing company.

  • Instant Exposure

    As a small or medium business owner with limited resources, how could you spread the word about your company and products.

  • Increased Sales Potential

    Aside from bringing credibility and allowing you to stay in the public eye, press releases can also boost your profit margins.

  • Effectiveness

    Recent statistics unveiled by MarketingProfs indicate that 71% of all B2B marketers count on content marketing to generate new sales leads.

  • Traffic to Your Website

    According to the data shared by ereleases.com, 80 million people worldwide go online daily, looking for unique insight and exclusive stories.

  • SEO Benefits

    Press releases published by several media outlets will offer you valuable backlinks to your website. Moreover, by optimizing your content

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